Message posted 03.10.18):

Great News ! Construction on the new Children's Play Area is about to start !

Please read the following impact statement for specific details what is about to happen and when:

On Monday 8th October work will commence on the installation of new play equipment within the play area on Bury Orchard.

The work is scheduled to take 3 weeks to complete and will be conducted 7 days a week during day light hours.

During this period the play area will become a ‘construction site’ and will be surrounded with herras fencing to prevent public access.

The ‘site compound’ will be located within the Village Hall Carpark opposite the Scout Hut. Parking between the village hall and the scout hut may be slightly restricted during this period.

Access between the site compound and the construction site will be across Bury Orchard, gaining access through the gate adjacent to the Scout Hut. Site traffic will travel regularly between the Compound and Site moving across Bury Orchard and will be managed to restrict the impact on residents and users of the area. Whilst these are relatively slow moving vehicles, accompanied by a banksman, those using the grounds during this period should take caution when nearby so as to ensure all risk of injury is mitigated.

We anticipate that there will be approximately 50-60 journeys across bury orchard during this period. As such, we expect there to be some superficial damage to the turf and topsoil. How much damage will be determined by the weather conditions leading up to and during the works. Any remedial steps to this damage may take a while and we ask all users of the area to be patient during these times.

Those immediately impacted during this time are likely to be those using the New Grounds, the Scout Hut, the Village Hall (during busy times) and all those who use Bury Orchard for recreational purposes.

Whilst there may be disruption during this time, we hope that noise will be kept to a minimum and that we can get our New Play Area up and running for Half Term.

The Play Area Committee & HPC thank you in advance for your patience.

16:05, 18 Oct 2018 by James Stirling

Memorial stability testing is scheduled for Tuesday 16th of October 2018

Harlington Garden Cemetery, Westoning Road, Harlington.

16:04, 16 Oct 2018 by James Stirling

Harlington Parish Council have asked the Ambulance Service to de-activate the community Defibrillator temporarily due to a fault being detected (during routine H&S checks) with accessing the emergency unit.  The necessary repair work will be carried out shortly. HPC will notify residents when this essential repair is complete and the unit has been re-activated with the Emergency Services.

Thank you for your co-operation.

00:00, 21 Jun 2018 by James Stirling


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