Council Services

Harlington Parish Council is the first tier of local government and plays a vital part in representating the interests of the community and improving the quality of life and the local environment. It is able to deliver services to meet local needs as long as it has a power under which to act.  Harlington Parish Council provides the following services to its community:

Amenity Land (various parts in the "Model Village" (Monmouth Road/Lincoln Way/Brian Road etc) are owned and maintained by Harlington Parish Council)

Allotments (Westoning Road)

Bacchus Pond (managed on behalf of the Harlington Parish Land Trustees)

Bins/Litter (on Bury Orchard)

Bury Orchard (managed on behalf of the Harlington Parish Land Trustees)

Bus Shelter (Station Road/Sundon Road)

Grass Cutting (all open space including grass verges owned by Central Bedfordshire Council)

Harlington Garden Cemetery (Westoning Road)

Hornes End Spinney (owned by Harlington Parish Council and to the rear of Bury Orchard)

Old Cemetery (Lincoln Way)

Planning (Harlington Parish Council is a consultee in relation to planning applications but ultimately Central Bedfordshire Council is the Planning Authority and can agree or disagree with any recommendations which Harlington Parish Council might make)

Play Area (managed on behalf of the Harlington Parish Land Trustees)

Parish Hall (Church Road)

Street Lighting (all areas with the exception of the Park Leys estate and Bury Close)

Village Car Park (Sundon Road)

War Memorial (maintained by Harlington Parish Council)

Wildlife Area (Rear of Wingate Road, owned by Central Bedfordshire Council and leased to Harlington Parish Council)