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Posted 13.05.16

From May 18th there will be a new improved online reporting system for highway issues.  The new system will be quicker, more accurate and provide better feedback.

The new reporting system provides the following improvements:

  • Easier to use - it’s much more interactive and lets you provide more details about the problem, upload pictures and provide a more precise location.
  • You can see problems already reported – you don’t need to report something we already know about and you can see the latest update on the problem too.
  • Resurfacing is included - you can see if a road has recently been resurfaced or if we are planning to resurface it soon.
  • Enhanced feedback options – as long as you give us your email we will send you updates about the problem you have reported. You can register for updates on problems other people have reported.

Reporting online really is the best way to report a problem because the information is sent immediately to a Highway Engineer so the process of inspecting the problem and fixing it can start without any delay. 

To access the new system (from 18th May) please click on this link, or copy and paste it into your web browser:

When the new reporting system is live we will also have a “how to” video on the website to show you how to use it.

The mobile app that some people currently use for reporting highways problems will no longer work. It is not compatible with the new system. However, the new online reporting system adapts automatically to work on mobiles and tablets so customers can use it when they are out and about too. We will email people who have used the app to let them know.


To report a pothole click


To report problems relating to: Buses, Pavements and Footways, Roads and Road Markings, Signs, Speed Limits, Tree Problems, and Winter related problems click


To report Animal Fouling click


Litter Bins on Bury Orchard are the responsibility of Harlington Parish Council and any problems with these should be reported to the office. Bins directly outside the shops are the proprty of the shop owners. To report any other litter bin which is overflowing click


If you have a Missed Bin Collection please contact Central Bedfordshire Council on:

Tel:  0300 300 8000 or email:


If you notice any Flytipping please contact Central Bedfordshire Council on:

Tel:  0300 300 8000 or email:


If you wish ot report any issue concerning Dog Bins please contact Central Bedfordshire Council on:

Tel:  0300 300 8000 or email:


If you wish to report any issue concerning Street Cleansing please contact Central Bedfordshire Council on:

Tel:  0300 300 8000 or email:


Rights of Way 

As frequent walkers of the rights of way network in Central Bedfordshire, we would like to make you aware of a new service we provide.
If any issues are encountered when walking our rights of way network then please help us to improve them by informing us of these issues. To make this process easier we have developed a 'Reporting issues on a right of way' form found on our website. Please see the link:


Amenity Land

Brian Road, Lincoln Way, Monmouth Road, Daubeney Close, and Astrey Close all have small parcels of amenity land which belong to Harlington Parish Council. The Parish Council maintains these areas including grass cutting and the trees. Please report any issues to the Council Office on 01525 875933.


Grass Verges

All grass verges which run parallel to the highway belong to Central Bedfordshire Council. Harlington Parish Council is paid a very small grant to cut these verges 6 times a year (excluding some areas falling within Aragon Housing), however, it is not paid to maintain the trees. The maintenance of any tree on a grass verge is the responsibility of Central Beds Council.



To apply for an H-Bar click


Dropped kerb

To apply for a dropped kerb click


Track it

To track a problem using you reference number click